Portugal tops the list of best selling albums – with the Music we LOVE!!!!

FACT logo.pngWhen we introduced this year’s first quarter report, we described 2016 as bittersweet.

Three months later, you can probably ditch the “sweet”. In the wake of further tragic losses (Prince, Andreas Gehm and Bernie Worrell among them), last month’s tragic massacre of LGBT clubbers and Britain’s recent exit from the EU, it’s been hard to feel optimistic.

Thankfully, as ever, music is still here to soothe the soul and essential releases are coming thick and fast. In the last three months we’ve witnessed the “surprise release” become significantly less surprising as James Blake, Radiohead, Drake, Chance The Rapper and Beyoncé kissed goodbye to long lead times, all dropping albums without proper warning.

Surprisingly, only one of those albums (Beyoncé’s excellent Lemonade) made our list, and while each is worthy of a closer look, the most interesting developments are still coming from just left of the mainstream.

See the 25 albums on FACT here


To all of you who are waiting for the big Lisbon break-through: Don’t worry be happy – it will come soon 🙂

But it wont be from the web, tech, finance, start-up, food or any of the other industries that have the media world is hyping.

The first sign of success the world will see of The New Lisbon will come from the music scene.

And it wont be fado and not from Mariza or other mainstream acts. The Urban Sound of Lisbon or The Ghetto Sound of Lisbon will show the way…

One of the 25 best selling albums in it last 3 quaters of 2016 is is Portuguese and its from the Godfather of Ghetto Sound of Lisbon: DJ Marfox’ who released Chapa Quente released on Principe Records earlier this year.



We have followed the scene for the last 2 – 3 years. AND WE LOVE IT.

Mar Fox and Nigga Fox at LUX Fragil

From DJ Marfox set at LUX Fragil in June


The way DJ Marfox, DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Lilocox and the other guys blend African popular beats and grooves (Kudoro) with the Western dance / DJ scene most of us music loving muchungas are familiar with is magical.

Together wit a very loyal crowed they hypnotize the crowd… the music it digs out your inner African Nigga and before knowing it you find yourself smiling and grooving and sweating on the dance floor…

The problem is that the best guys are very rare in Portugal… they always travel. The last time you had the 3 guys together in the same Club was 3 weeks ago at the RA in Residence party at Lux Fragil ( partly owend by John Malkovich and one of the best clubs in the world!) – we were at Tings Kathmandu and wasn’t there ;-(

If you curious and if you want to dance and if you don’t care about sweating and if you love smiling… Damas in Graca is a good venue. Check out their progra (they play African tonight).

Or listen to selected Ghetto Sounds on our Soundcloud playlist

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