Lisbon street art according to Washington Post

washington-post-logo-verticalRun-of-the-mill graffiti started to cover Lisbon in the 1970s, with taggers emboldened by the democratic revolution.

These days, the street art has moved from the background to front and center as the Portuguese capital has transformed itself into an open-air museum, proudly awash in eye-catching murals, with much of the art sanctioned by the city.

During a springtime visit, my wife and I arranged a tour with one of the street scene’s top curators, Underdogs, a private organization devoted to public art and education. Underdogs recently expanded its outreach program to include more tours and opened a lively retail outpost fronting the Tagus River. Most tours begin and end there

Read Diane Daniel’s story from 30 June in Washington Post


AKA Doncorleone in Graca 2

AKA CORLEONE below the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte


We love street art

By having street art as our theme of your sightseeing you follow the artist’s food steps – and their food steps are not logical. They are always looking for walls, and spaces where they can express themselves with their graffiti, their tags, their stencils and their art.

The street art will take you through places and part of Lisbon you wouldn’t have chosen yourself.


Read: We love street art. It ads something extra to a city. Lisbon has some of the best in Europe


The Undedog guided tour that Washington Post highlights is one oh the best of its kinds. And you don’t need a guided tour – just use the map on their website where you also hav all the information about the art and the artists OR use this map we have made on google maps… its easier because you can use Google directions in case you get lost 🙂

We have our on street art tour in Graca

In only 20 minuter The street-Art-Meets-Litterature-Tour  takes you through the most interesting parts of our hood. We blogged about it here.

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