Graça: The most beautiful part of the most beautiful city in the world!

The other day we had one of our usual walks around Lisbon

Like so many times before our talks traveled all over the world… details around us reminded us about things we have seen somewhere in another country or continent. Flowers, architecture, art, people, food, markets…. anything.

Myanmar – a country we have visited countless of times since our first visit 23 years ago and lived in for more that 2 years – is in our opinion the most beautiful country on this planet.

But Lisbon – a city we have visited countless times during the same periode, and now lived in for more that 2 years – is in our opinion the most beautiful city on this planet.

Isn’t it funny, but this is exactly the same people do in Myanmar?

Can’t remember if it was me or Annette who asked the question. If it was her she picked my brain… I had exactly the same thought

The thing is, Lisbon and Myanmar have one thing in common – besides being beautiful places. People in both places surround themselves with beautiful everyday things. Not costly objects ‘just’ household items and other things that they use.

When you travel around in Myanmar you can’t help smiling, when you see how people weave patterns in the mats they use for their houses and cut the wooden carriages differently depending on where you are. Or how they weave and wear their sharongs and longhis, decorate their umbrellas and arrange the fruit in the shops. Even the sandal wood face-make up they use for sun protection, they put on in different patterns.

“Since we’re going to weave them anyway why not spend a little extra time to make the mats beautiful…” must be the mentality behind all the things that surrounds them.

In Lisbon it’s the same.

Maybe it’s only at street sign – but why not make a beautiful tiled one since it’s named after a famous athlete?

And even if it’s a local market – why not make beautiful tiles that shows people where they are?

Same with the flowers, street art, their colorful facades, the calçadas and all the beautiful details on the houses, the parks, the kiosks and trees with either blooming flowers or yellow lemons or orange oranges.

If you are a little moody, then go for a walk. After a short while all these things will make you you feel better.

Thomas & Annette, June 2016



If Lisbon is the most beautiful city, then Graça is the most beautiful part of Lisbon.

And how do we know this?

We know, because we’ve started organizing photos from more than 2 year’s research from all over Lisbon (a lot). Slowly we get clear a picture of the various parts of town.

Not only do we have 3 of Lisbon’s most beautiful and fascinating miradouros, several beautiful largos & parks, churches, monasteries and several historical buildings here in Graça. We also have the kind of local beauty you only find in places where real people lives.



Like the rest of Lisbon Graça has a lot of green trees and squares, beautiful tiled buildings and interesting street art. But we have more. We have our own local street artist that – except for a few exceptions – only work here. We also have beautiful tiled walls with a local Graça history. We also have some of Lisbon’s most important local architectural and historical gems – not to mention all the old and beautiful shops that still exist, because all us locals buy our vegetables, meat, bread, medicine every day. Or the cafes and restaurants where Portugal’s most influential poets and thinkers used to sip vino verde, ginja or a cup of coffee.

You just feel their presence wherever you are in Graça…

And the icing on the cake:

The most beautiful you find in Europe… 🙂



All this are things you never find in a guide book

The truth is – you only find out how pleasant a part of town Graça is after living here for a while…

But we will help you.

During the next weeks we will blog about all the things that we enjoy in our everyday life here in Graça – the most fascinating and beautiful parts of Lisbon.


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