Going to the beach in the high season? Rent a scooter!

SUN in Lisbon

What do you do when its + 35 C in Lisbon

The weather is fantastic right now. It has been bright all day sun for 2 weeks – and according to the weather forecast it wont change in the near future.

To most people down town is just too hot.

All tourists are heading for the beach.

But so are all the locals who either have holiday or are without job, all the teenagers that have school holidays and all the kids from the kinder gardens.



What a nightmare – Carcavelos Beach at noon


The beaches between Lisbon and Cascais are packed with people

Under these circumstances going to our closest beach for a quick swim can easily become a nightmare with noise from hundreds of ghetto blasters, screaming kids, footballs everywhere, the smell of cheap sunscreen, cigaret butts under you feet and a water surface that shines from ‘oil’.

Especially on a Saturdays and Sundays where the nightmare starts at the train station.


One hrs bike ride from Lisbon along the Atlantic cost where the sea cools the temperature down to a very refreshing level you find several almost deserted beaches..


We have solved that problem.

Saturday we rented a small 50 cc scooter. We picked it up at one of the shops near the Cruise Terminal at 12 noon and headed north.

First stop was after only 20 minutes where we swam and sunbathed for 1 hour on the least crowded part of Carcavelos – what a nightmare!


Morning swim in Caxias

Caxias beach 8 am this Sunday

So we headed north again until we found a very small and deserted strip of sand in Guincho where we relaxed for one more hour until we got hungry and decided to find something to eat.

After only 10 minutes drive we had lunch in a small beach bar on one of Guincho’s bigger beaches where we ended up staying for another hour in the sand before we decided to go home.

Before we returned to Lisbon we stopped in Caxais for an afternoon swim.

The bonus

We rented the bike for 24 hours. So Sunday morning Thomas went up early and drove to a completely deserted Casxias beach where he enjoyed 2 hours swim and morning sun before returning the bike.



  • We don’t like the bigger bikes and choose the smallest which was powerfull and fast BUT a little too small for the pasanger on the back seat.
  • Renting the 50 cc bike for 24 hrs cost us 40€ including insurance, 2 helmets and a full tank of petrol
  • You can’t cross the bridges (to Costa Caparica) on a 50 cc bike. But you can bring it on the boat from Cais do Sodres
  • The advantages with a bike:
    • Traffic jams are not a problem.
    • You don’t waste time looking for a place to park,
    • You can stop almost everywhere
    • The fresh wind in your hair.
  • Remember your Passport, drivers licence and credit card when





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