Figaro’s Barbershop in Lisboa – the best in the world?

David Beckham is back in Lisbon, with the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star posting a photo on Instagram of his latest visit.

He also revealed that he had returned to one of the Portuguese capital’s most famous barber shops, saying on Instagram: “Always nice to be back at Figaro’s with Fábio…And to be in the country of the European champions…”
The comment has so far received almost a million likes and over 4,000 comments.
Back in 2015, when Beckham had been in Lisbon to shoot a television commercial, he said that “Figaro’s was possibly the best barber shop ever.”

From The Portugal News


Thomas still hasn’t found a barbershop in Lisbon he trusts.

He is very difficult – for the last 20 years he has only allowed Michal at Nasty & Gross in Copenhagen to cut his hair… a very expensive and inconvenient solution.

After readings David Beckham’s and checking out Figaro’s website he is now considering visiting them.

His only concern is the Hipster Look.

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