Lisbon’s Spectacular Street Art — by Squire Sullen

A super story about the Lisbon Street Art scene from a fellow blogger

Although in my dissertation-induced haze I failed to do much research about what to see and do in Lisbon before my recent trip, I did know that the Portuguese capital is well known for an astounding collection of street art. With this in mind, I booked on a Sunday morning stroll through the city with the imaginatively […]

via Lisbon’s Spectacular Street Art — Squire Sullen


A few comments

It was a big surprised to read a story about the Lisbon Street Art scene that doesn’t mention VHILS and his Underdog Gallery.

At the time of writing VHILS is one of the most popular street artist in the world. And the walls Underdogs has spread around town has at least 10 of the all time greatest artists in the world…

The positive thing is that you get a chance to see other works & artist instead of the usual suspects… we have almost forgotten the Car Park Gallery. We will definitely check it out next time we shop in Pinga Doce – our local supermarket in the same building.


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