India Times / Economic Times features Lisbon :-)

Economic Times IndiaThe tram clatters along Lisbon’s cobbled streets, negotiating gentle gradients that punctuate the stunning Portuguese capital built on seven hills.

From my window seat, I soak in the 18th century Pombaline Baixa, the elegant downtown area rebuilt after a devastating earthquake flattened the city in 1755.

Up a steep incline, and we slide into the old Alfama quarter, the tangle of medieval streets on the hill to the east.

Read Neeta Lal’s coverage in Economic  Times/Indie Times.

Lure of Lisbon: From its salty Atlantic setting to Moorish gateways

I always feel a little proud when exotic countries on continents “far” from us Europeans writes about Lisbon and Portugal. I know its a bit stupid when we spend so much time at Tings Kathmandu so close to India – but still 🙂

This time its India that highlights our lovely city with a pretty good story by Neeta Lai in The Economic Times – of course the usual suspects – but very well written and with super photos.

And with a special focus on Tram #28 from our hood in Graca 🙂

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