Lisbon featured on Guardian’s list of the best “alternative” city tours in Europe…

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From the Guardian 1 August

Lissabon - Cassablance

If we shall judge from The Guardian’s pick in Lisbon we wouldn’t expect anything alternative  on the list the published Monday. Compared to WW2 Spies ToursUnderground Art ToursA walk through the Jewish massacra or one of the many alternative tours Lisbon offers, Guardian’s pick is nothing but very good experience with excellent food. And nothings wrong with that 🙂


Monday The Guardian listed the 10 best alternative City Tours in Europe.

Lisbon is on the list – but we wouldn’t call the guided tour alternative as it takes travellers to some of the most popular places in the most touristic part of down town.

The tour is good and will probably be a good introduction to the Portuguese cuisine – especially for travellers who haven’t got enough time to explore the city them selves. So don’t expect to see things you easily can find yourself.

If you’re looking for something alternative that will show you sides of Lisbon you should try Underdog’s Street Art Tour – or what about The City of Spies Tour?. We even have our own Literary tour in Graca if you want something truly alternative 🙂


See the Guardians list here

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