Food Lovers. CNN unveils one of our secrets.

cnn-logo-squareWhat happens when you combine plenty of egg yolks, flour and butter with copious amounts of sugar?

In the case of Portugal, you get the underpinnings of a national way of life.

Read John Cricks story: Pastry perfection: How Portugal gets its delicious daily sugar fix on CNN here.

Centro Ideal LOGO

Its now the oldest in town – but very cozy

We admit it – we are addicted to the Portuguese pastry!

As Lisbon connoisseurs know Graça has some of the best restaurants, eateries, bars and cafes in Town – we even have one of the best Fado places in town.

And we’re so privileged to have 5 (6) Pastelarias – or Pastry Shops – only 2 minutes walk from Tings doors. We try not to write negative things about the different places. But entering the wrong Pastelaria is like entering a different wold where the staff is rude and and don’t notice their guest. An especially if you like the Portuguese cakes as much as we do 🙂

We have two preferred Pastelarias – a morning one that opens at 7 am and an evening one that closes at 10 pm.

One of them is considered the best in Lisbon. That’s our morning Pastelaria: Pastelaria Centro Ideal Da Graça. 

Whether its the better than our evening pastelaria is difficult to tell. BUT it is definitely the most cozy, local and non-touristic ones in Lisbon. And our local secret – now discovered by CNN


Centro Ideal Tile Senhora do Monte

The Tile illustration of our Miradouro 🙂


John Krich correctly writes that Centro Ideal Da Graça is a short walk from Lisbon’s most spectacular miradouro. But he doesn’t mean the most popular Graça Miradouro  (Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen as its name is).

The Miradouro he is talking about is the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte only 20 meter from Tings Lisbon.


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