The Telegraph about Fado -but no mentions of our secret Fado place :-)

The most melancholic reason to visit Lisbon

telegraph_OUTLINE-smallFado, like Portugal post-Euros, is having a moment.

The song of Lisbon – mournful, stirring, and melancholy – may not match the country’s jubilant mood right now, but it’s never been more fashionable.


You may not be able to understand the lyrics, but the emotions expressed by an electric performer transcend the language barrier.


We love fado – but we have had problems getting into the genre.

We love all kinds of music, rock, jazz, indie, world, electronica etc. And of course we love Fado.

But opposite most other genres we have had difficulties finding the right artists & venues. When you walk around the streets in the Fado neighbourhoods all the places are too aggressive in the way the try to get hold of ‘tourists’.

And because we really don’t know anything about the genre – its tradition, artists, what to look for etc -it was only recently we discovered it.

As always in these situations by a coincident and as so many times before we discovered it in our hood… 😉

We have a lot of secret places in Graca – one of them is our Fado bar. It took us 2 years to find it – but it was worth it.


A few days ago The Telegraph had an OK introduction to Fado

We know – the story is not even the top of the Fado-iceberg. BUT Olivia Walmsley’s gives you a few hints so you can prepare yourself before arriving: a few artists, where to learn to sing Fado, good places to hear Fado etc. and a few other short-cuts to travelers who don’t have the time to wait for Fado to happen – like we did.

Read Olivia Walmsley’s story in The Telegraph here… and call us if you want to know more about our meeting with Fado.


Fado Redux is a music venue in Lisbon. They have a very good Fado channel on Mixcloud. Follow them of Facebook for updates.

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