Tourism is booming

Daily-Mail-Online-1Tourist arrivals in Portugal jumped almost 12 percent at the start of the summer holiday season in June, promising another record year in the Atlantic coast country where tourism accounts for about 10 percent of gross domestic product.

Boosted in part by safety concerns that led to travellers avoiding places such as Turkey and north Africa, tourist numbers in Portugal have been growing since 2011, helping the country overcome its economic and debt crisis.

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Lisbon VIEW

Portugal tourist arrivals jump 12 pct at start of summer season

This fantastic news just clicked in on Twitter – and on the same day where we published the news about the start of the reconstruction of our house in Rue da Senhora do Momte 🙂

Of course it makes us happy.

But still we can’t help feeling sorry for our colleagues in Turkey and Africa that loose the business that is so important to them – only because of fear and ignorance..

We hope for changes soon.


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