Yesterday the workers started breaking down our house. So now we’re really busy :-)

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Two weeks ago we made the important announcement – that Tings Lisbon will open in May 2017

We know – to the majority of people this is no big deal. New places open every day.

But to us, personally, it means a lot. Not in ways most of our friends think – That now it’s for real – no more talking. Now all the problem starts, now we will be flooded with unexpected costs, now we have to fight with the authorities and their bureaucracy and similar issues.

We are not concerned about this – after being through the same  process with Tings Kathmandu where we – simultaneously with all the man created problems – also had to fight with ghosts & spirits & old traditions, we are used to deal with unforeseen and unexpected problems.

Four years ago we were ready to make a second hotel. Since then we have been searching for countries, locations, houses etc. something that sounds very exotic to others, but very exhausting when things just go on and on and on….

Now, having a deadline has a completely different impact on us…. it has changed our daily life. From having lived in a stand by mode for years we have changed gear to ACTION.


8 months from now we have to open a well functioning Hotel and Tea Lounge.

The list of practicalities is endless. When we open, all our 16 rooms will be furnished and decorated with all the art we have collected, the furniture we have designed and of course with all the things we will buy in Thailand, Istanbul and Morocco for the interior design. And the garden will be green and colorful with all the plants and pots we will find around Lisbon.


Annette designs everything herself. Also the furniture. For the longe we need them comfy, flexible & stylish. Yesterday we briefed the local carpenter. Have a look at he how the lounge will look. Like at Tings Kathmandu we will have levels where our guests can chill.


We will have to recruit our staff and teach them about what Tings Lisbon is about, our daily routines etc. We are going to build and decorate the tea lounge, create the menu, hire people and teach them how to make our dishes and why we serve the food we will do.

We need to set up appointments with artists, performers and other creatives who can help us creating the ambiance we want Tings Lisbon to have with their art, music, literature, food, interesting people etc. We have to promote the place so we’re booked from day one.


The work with our menu for the Tea Lounge started for real yesterday. We will blog about our food shortly.


We have to deal with legal issues, tax issues, renovation, insurances etc and most important we need to get the legal papers that allow us to run a hotel – or rather a residencial, an AL (local accommodation) – and to sell food from our lounge.

…. the list is much longer with all the issues we can’t remember.


We will ‘just’ BE busy 🙂

We have been waiting for this for years and are loaded with energy. Now we need action which neither scares nor worries us.

We are so fortunate to have back up from our very experienced staff in Kathmandu – especially Dorje who knows the daily routines better than us and will be more than happy to share. And a kitchen who have worked with our food longer than we have, and easily will share the dishes that will find the way from Tings Kathmandu to Tings Lisbon.

And then we have lived in Graça for two years. We know where to buy meat, vegetables, fruit etc. We know there to get help etc. for legal issues, accounting etc. And people knows us – and will help us search for people….

So we will not be alone in our efforts to make Tings Lisbon come through 🙂


3 thoughts on “Yesterday the workers started breaking down our house. So now we’re really busy :-)

  1. Exciting stuff – wishing you good luck although I don’t think “luck” will come into it – your collective energy and passion will prevail and I have no doubt you will deliver a stunning result! Can’t wait to share a cold beer with you next summer! 🙂

  2. Wow – It’s sounds thrilling and positively a next stop in Lisbon next summer.
    You guys are recreating your dream everyday. I’m so impressed.
    C U soon.

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