The Aussies have a few surprises in their eatery picks.

AFR logoBlame Spain’s unstoppable gastronomic reign for casting a shadow on Portugal’s food culture.

While Spain has six entries in the 2016 World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Portugal has none.

Lisbon languishes as a food destination, even within Europe, which is just fine with the locals but makes it harder for visitors to find a great meal. Follow our lead and you’ll never risk a bad bite beside the Tagus River.

Read Kendall Hill’s picks here


Kiosks of Lisbon Stamps

We have seen the Quiosques in the media before – but always from an architectural or city-planning point of view. 


Lisbon’s Best Dining Spots according to Australian Financial Times

This time the list of best places to eat in Lisbon comes from Down Under.

Its hard for the media not to list the usual suspects.So you find all the top end restaurants on Kendall Hill’s list. All places are good – but as we say – its always easy to eat expensive. The challenge is to find the small local places where the the whole experience exceeds your bill.

To our surprise we find a place we haven’t seen on any list before – an alternative to Pastéis de Belém. A pastry shop down town where you get the famous pasteis de nata as god as in Belem.

Another very pleasant surprise: Following the all the top 5 restaurants in town I found a name I haven’t seen before: Quiosques.… of course this is not the name of a new restaurant in town. AFR recommends their readers to stop and take a break at one of Lisbon’s many fantastic Quiosques that are spread around the city’s many green and shady squares & parks – like we did last night on Jardim do Principe Real. THE BEST RECOMMENDATION WE HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME.


We love the quiosques and have blogged about them before… 


Follow our link above to see Kenn Hill’s list in AFR – or even better. Come to Lisbon and find your own. 🙂

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