Waste of time – Forbes’ 12 Reasons to Love Lisbon

We always have high expectations when we read Forbes Magazine

Forbes is one of our favorite magazines -it was one of our magazines in the lounge when we opened Tings Kathmandu.  So we’re always exited to read their opinions and recommendations. Like last time when we shared their story about Men’s Fashion in Lisbon earlier this year and found Stabörd & Co which we didn’t know before.

So we we’re very exited when we found out they had a feature on Lisbon as a travel destination.


Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontMost of the Portuguese people I met in this postcard-picturesque city of about half a million were welcoming, effusive and justifiably proud of the place they call home—especially their cuisine, as this is a country where eating is considered a national sport.

And several of the expats I met asked me not to write about Lisbon and spoil their secret playground. (Um, sorry.)

Forbes on 18 August.


Lisbon impressions I

We expected to read about all Lisbon’s secret spots or recommendation from fellow foreigners.

The story started very promising – the expats secret playground!

But already after reading the first recommendation I knew that this story was absolutely waste of time. You hardly can’t call Bel Canto (TWO MICHELIN STARS!!!), Tivoli Hotels, Cervejeria Ramiro, Cascais, A Vida Portuguesa, Sintra or any of the other ‘usual suspects’ for secrets or pics by insiders (most of my friends prefer the authentic Mercado de Campo de Ourique to the Touristic Time Out Market)

All the recommendations are the most touristic places in town and far from anything that will spoil our playground.

They top all lists on all the commercial travel blogs and travel communities. And I really hope that travelers have other reasons to love Lisbon


Lisbon impressions II

If I don’t like the story – then why share it?

Actually I decided not to share it when I saw it Friday.

But then I couldn’t stand the thought of having Forbes readers thinking that their 12 picks are what we us foreigners living in Lisbon come up with when asked about our reasons to love this city.

First – and important. There are absolutely nothing wrong with Forbes recommendations!

But they are just so far from the things we love about living in here – and far from what we recommend our friends. Yes – Sintra is amazing. But you really don’t have to tell people who visit Paris for the first time to visit the Eiffel Tower… 

What about the amazing new architecture that surrounds us. Or the Street Art. Or the Tiles. Or the Quiosques?

And what about LX Factory, Campo d’Ourique, Marvilla, Graca or almost all other neighborhoods than Bairro Alto and Chiado?

And what about Fardo or poetry or the Urban Sound of Lisbon?

And what about the Start Ups, the Websummit or the vibrant and entrepreneurial environment in general?

And what about the climate? Or some of the world’s best beaches just 1 hr from Down Town.

And what about our most important to live here: People!



Lisbon impressions III



It’s lovely to spend a week here with no agenda, getting lost in the time warp of historic neighborhoods, the pleasures of fresh seafood and sunset views at a seaside marisqueira or the swirl of the post-midnight street parties.

But during a whirlwind trip through the city, a few—by no means definitive—things stood out.

Read the places that stands out in Forbes’ on 18 August.


Forbes are right – there are more than 12 reasons to love Lisbon

But none of our reasons are among the 12 Forbes mention. And that is sad – it would only have taken 10 minutes of research online to find content to the story I would have expected in Forbes.

Happy Monday to all and lots of love from Graca.




And the foreigners fooling around in Alfarma on their Segways are the most stupid tourists in town.


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