Shopping organic in Lisbon: The Biomercado

Yesterday Annette passed by this super supermarket

On the way to our architects Annette passed by a supermarket in Saldanha we haven’t seen before – and a supermarket we have been longing to have. An organic and environmentally considerate supermarket. 

And the have a restaurant!



BiomercadoFrom Bioercado’s website: The biomarket is a place where you can find all the products you find in a conventional supermarket but of course all biological and ecological. Thus, you will find fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the producer, caught fish to the line coming directly from Sesimbra, biological Portuguese meat, baby products, organic cosmetics, detergents for the home, warm bread every day and a large cellar of organic wines, the most Portuguese.

Also find our restaurant 100% bio, with delicious meals and chicken take away . Breakfasts, lunches and snacks every day and brunches at the weekend are part of our offer, as well as many vegetarian options.

Check out their website.


It wont be possible for us to run a 100% organic lounge. But we will definitely have a lot of organic items… and like Biomercado we will definitely focus on Zero Waste – we have a few local organizations we will check out when we get closer to our opening

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