Aquaduct, lunch at Campo d’Ourique and tram #28 in 4 hrs.

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Can’t remember the last time we have played tourists in Lisbon.

Today we found ourselves in a strange situation. We had no appointments, no deadlines and nothing we felt hurried.

So we decided to visit one of the things on Tourist Attraction List we haven’t seen: We wanted to check out the Aquaduct or the Águas Livres Aqueduct as the right name is.

With its impressive height, the Águas Livres Aqueduct is both a remarkable feat of engineering and an interesting attraction, perfect for a quiet walk that offers panoramic and different views over the city of Lisbon.

At 12 we left our door in Graca and went to take bus 712 to Campolido from where you reach the Aquaduct after 5 minutes walking.

We spend around 1 hr walking from end-to-end of this magnificent piece of architecture that not only impressed us with its size and beauty, but where – from the top – you get some of the best views of Lisbon AND a very impressing and different view of the 25 Avril Bridge with the Christ Statue in the back.

From the Aquaduct we walked to Campo d’Ourique – one of our favourite parts of Lisbon- and a part we seriously considered for Tings Lisbon, but dropped again because we could not find suitable houses and because the area is a bit pretentious and because we actually prefer GraçaAnyway the area is perfect for lunch and dinner and definitely worth a visit – we always recommend the Mercado do Campo d’Orique over Time Out marked in Sodre.

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How much more tourist can you get LOL

After lunch and coffee we did the most touristic thing you can do in Lisbon. We took Tram #28.

The only way to get a seat in that tram is to get up before everybody else. Unless you take it the opposite direction from the terminus in Campo d’Ourique 🙂  which was exactly what we did. We had the most relaxed trip back with a seat each and an open window in the shady side of the tram, with view and wind all the way through downtown while all our fellow passengers were cramped together like the tinned sardines several of them carried in their bags 🙂

4 hours after we left Graça we got off the tram stop only 2 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon in Rua da Senhora do Monte.

The Aquaduct is one of the biggest experiences we have had in Lisbon in a very long time. It’s difficult where to place it on the list of attractions – it’s a matter of peoples taste and interests. But when asked which one of The Christ Statue or The Aquaduct Annette would prefer, she chose the latter. While it might top Thomas’ list.

It’s truly amazing – and what a thrill it is to live in such a fantastic City.


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