Culinary Backstreets’ list of Lisbon’s best Ice Cream is dangerous to read in this heat

Célia Pedroso & Rodrigo Cabrita from Culinary Backstreets just ruined my day 🙂

Thanks to their list of Italian style gelato places in town – a few of them in walking distance from us – I can’t concentrate on other things than Ice Cream.

Thank you!

… guess I have to hope for bad weather tomorrow and a dew hrs more work

Than you a lot!


Lisbons best ice cream

The fist image you see when you click on Culinary Backstreet’s story is this one. Is this fair?


culinary-backstreets-logo-500x143In summer, there are just a couple of things that lisboetas will queue for: the beach and ice cream.

The city is blessed with good places for both, but between the two, we prefer the latter, which in Lisbon tends to be Italian-style gelato, as served in the most long-lived and successful shops in town.

Don’t read Célia Pedroso & Rodrigo Cabrita list here – unless you don’t have anything to do. We Warned you 🙂


See you tomorrow


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