After the irrelevant ’12 reasons to love Lisbon’ Forbes is back with inspirational tips incl. our favorit beach :-)

A few days ago we got a bit disappointed when we read Forbes.

Their standard is usually above other medias. But the list of Lisbon sights they published a few days ago was not good. Especially not after having given the readers the impression in the article’s intro that they had got hold of insider advises and recommendations from expats.

This morning I woke up to one of the good old Forbes stories where we added at least one more to-do-or-to-try bucket-list


Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontPortugal—dubbed a 2016 European hotspot by everyone from Vogue toTravel + Leisure—is having its moment in the sun.

Get there before everyone else does.

To help you do so in haste, a thumbnail guide to your stay in three of the enchanting country’s must-visit destinations.

Read Baz Dreisinger’s recommendations from 22 August



Kilometers of beach like this from Troja to Comporta – NO people, only dolphins.


We love Porto and know all ready Lisbon well enough to have our own recommendations. And very soon we have our own place wich of course will rank high in our small universe…LOL

But Baz Dreisinger’s 3rd recommendation – the places in Comporta ‘ looks very interesting and closer to Forbes’ reader’s preferences.

Comporta’s beaches are top 5 on our personal Best Beaches in World List. And only 1t30m drive from Graca 🙂




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