We’re on top of the world… almost :-)

sdm view from the 2nd floor

Imagine this view – just for one level higher, above the neighbors. That will be the view from the top floor rooms and the common guest-only-terrace: Sao Vicinte Church, Graca Monastery, Tejo River and maybe even the castle. 

The roof is now completely gone

Yesterday when we came by the house there were workers everywhere – and dust and noise.

We tried to stay away and went to see the top floors which you can’t see from the street.

What a surprise we got when we found ourselves on the top only covered by the blue sky and very hot sun. The roof was completely gone!

So for the first time we got an idea about how the view will be when we open Tings Lisbon.

Have a look at the 360° we shot with my cell phone – and if possible – try to imagine the view from one level higher where the The Guest Only common space with a south bound terrace facing the Tejo River will be…. and of course guest rooms as well.


Sorry about the speak – you can hear Thomas excitement from his voice

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