Time Out: ‘Paradise near Lisbon’. We have added our favorite beach :-)

We have found a small paradise only 40 minutes from Down Town. I was just going to blog about it when our friend posted a Link from Time Out about paradises close to Lisbon on her Facebook wall.

Our place is mentioned – but only as a small ‘hint’ among all the better known and fabulous destinations.

But Cova do Vapor deserves more attention… 


Paradises near Lisbon

Time Out logoFed up with the city? Do not hesitate: Put the suitcase in the trunk and get on the road.

Just next door there are places so beautiful and amazing as what you usually see in the best travel magazines.

Read Time Out’s super list of Paradises you can reach within 1t30m from Lisbon here


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Four weeks ago we found our favorite spot: Cova do Vapor

We have always talked about checking out he sandy stretches we could see on the other side of Tejo from the beaches between Sodres and Cascais. Or when we see the sandy spot surrounded by crystal clear water from the plane when we return from Tings Kathmandu.

Four weeks ago we were desperate for a swim – it was 35° at noon!

As always we went to one of the beaches on the way to Cascais – we had rented a MC and decided to pick the one with fewest people.

After 2 hours we gave up – all we’re PACKED!

Why don’t we just check out the other side now that we have the bike 

Thomas looked on the other side – the beaches looked abandoned.

And that was exactly what we did.

After 30 minutes from Alcantera we were swimming in the most fantastic sea and sun bathing in the powder sand we love so much in Denmark.

And there were NOBODY! Only the locals…

On the way back we found out why there are no people – there is no parking in Cova do Vapor!

The small parking outside Cova do Vapor is only big enough for the villagers (you can’t park inside the village) and a few early birds from Lisbon.

It is as if time is standing still on this small Caparica stretch. But it’s only a matter of time before Lisboas will start buying – the real estate prices are already crazy (yes we have checked them out – we would love to have a small place there). There are already a lot of expensive cars parked outside the village…

We fell completely in love with this charming place and have returned there since that weekend… but by public transportation.

From Belem we take the boat (20 min) – and from Trafaria we walk (30 min).

Trafaria is like a ghost town – but they seem to have a few good restaurants, we haven’t tried them yet, but we will. Some of them must have the best sunsets in all Lisbon.

From Trafaria to Cova do Vapor there is a short cut (not on Google Map) that takes you through Torrão 2° – a Mozambican (?) community with fantastic grooves and beats coming our from all the houses and narrow passages.

Another small paradise.

Wonder how long time we will have this part of Lisbon to ourselves.

We’ll return again this weekend.

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