For the first time we have an idea about how Tings Lounge will look.

And the light will be amazing.

Ok – the best way to get an idea about what we have in mind with the lounge is to show this horrible mobile video from our visit in the house an hour ago.

If you look at the feature picture above you see the lounge from Rua da Senhora do Monte through the window. The first door to the right leads to the ‘reception’ area where we check in people… from there there is another door to the stairs to the upper floor – and a small ‘bar’ where you get draught beer, wine, coffee etc while you sit and work, read or hold hands.

The big holes are for the foundation – it will be filled by strong concrete so the pillars can carry the extra floors we are adding to the house.

We had no clue about the size of the project before the workers came. … It only took them a week to break walls and buildings down – and that opened up for all the possibilities this amazing space has. Now we can see things we had to imagine from the architect’s drawings.

Good morning from Graca.



Kitchen and Lounge doors as seen from the garden.jpg

This is how the house looks from the backside. The door to the far left will be made from glass – that’s the entrance to the Lounge. The door to the left is the entrance to the kitchen 🙂




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