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First time I heard about Lisbon and Golf was during my years at EMI back in 1998. I was invited to Beastie Boys’ release party for Hello Nasty. Of all the capitols in Europe the guys chose Lisbon. When I got a chance to talk with Adam Yauch (aka MCA) and asked him why, he just answered: Because of all the Golf… I didn’t know then that they were golfing pilgrims… very little street and very little rock ‘n’ roll.

When the Beasties visited Copenhagen later the same year I got a souvenir – a set of golf balls with the boys portraits printed on.When years later we started our Travelling Nomad Life we reduced our belongings to an absolute minimum – we gave most of our things away. Including all my music rarities. The golf balls are sold on eBay for 250 – 300 € LOL… /Thomas


National Golfer LOGOSome golfing pilgrims find plenty enough sand on the golf course, so when they are on their travels they have no great desire to spend off-course time on a beach.

They want to be in or near a city that can provide easy and affordable transport to some top-quality courses and a wide selection of sights to see plus pleasing bars and restaurants to visit.

For them, Lisbon is the perfect destination.

Read Connoisseur Clive’s – even to us non-golfers – super story on NCG


Read GOLFER’S super Lisbon Feature

The National Club Glofer’s undercover reporter ‘Clive’ reviews Lisbon from a completely different angle compared to most other travelers… it is a humorous, inspirational & informative tourist guide through Lisbon – with super photos. But with a golf theme. The best we have read in a very long time.


If you play golf you can reach more than 25 Golf Clubs within 1 hr from down town

A month ago we had a visit from a friend who works in the travel business. He told us that Lisbon is one of the most interesting cities in Europe for Golf Players because of all the golf clubs located within less than an hour’s drive.

Now we have created a Tings Lisbon map of all golf courses in Lisbon’s neighborhood we have easy access to them from our mobiles. We don’t play golf ourselves. But we enjoy the settings: Lots of nature, air, space etc. and have already checked out a few of them.. 

Feel free to use the map.

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