New in town? Get all culture events in Agenda Cultural Lisboa

You may not be aware of this – but Lisbon is one of the cities in Europe with most cultural events. Everyday we have movies, exhibitions, concerts, walks and lot of other interesting  offers to choose between – And a lot of them are free.

There are many ways of get information – we follow updates from a lot of different events, we get info from posters on the walls from flyers in cafes and restaurants and from the monthly free magazine Agenda Cultural Lisboa.

The September issue is just distributed – you can get it here


Agenda Cultural Lisboa logo


Here is th online version of Agenda Cultural Lisboa.





Bonus info: The September issue features our favorite beach.

Cope do Vapor from the planeYesterday the September issues were delivered to out local bar: Cafe do Monte. To our big surprise the first thing we saw when we opened the magazine was a photo feature of our favorite beach the last 6 weeks.

We blocked about it a week ago when Time Out Lisboa Magazine mentioned Cove do Vapor….

Its becoming popular faster than we expected…. 🙂

Read our blog story about Cova do Vapor.


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