TGIF: Don’t miss Celeste/Mariposa at Damas tonight

Damas is the best club in Lisbon right now – in our opinion.

Like so many other happening things its in Graca.

They have a fantastic music program – and a crowd that loves to dance and party. If you haven’t been there before then to-nights-the-night  its Afro Baile with Celeste/Mariposa sharing their Afro beats and grooves.

Be there early – from previous shows we know it will be packed… and be prepared for a sweaty looooong night 🙂


A boiling night at Damas in January


Celeste/Mariposa are a Lisbon-based DJ duo that appeared in 2009 with an explosive and unconventional performance built from old Lusophone African pearls inspired on African “Bailes” that joins grooves from all the 5 ex-Portuguese Colonies Angola, Cape Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Mozambique and S. Tomé and Príncipe. Most of their records are almost unheard of in western culture, but were naturally found within Lisbon´s deep African connections.

As in the western world almost exclusive attention is payed to Anglo-Saxon music, The Afro-Baile is a rare celebration of Groove from its cradle: A voyage through time from the bases of instrumental funaná to the rough Angolan Merengue, besides Semba, Gumbé from Guiné-Bissau, Socopé from São Tomé e Principe and Mozambican Marrabenta.

 Check out their fantastic tracks, mixes & sets on Soundcloud


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