Motel X 2016 started yesterday. Here is the program…

The program is 100 % true to the horror Universe – not only because of the fantastic movies 🙂


Lisbon International Horror Movie Festival started yesterday. Check out information on their website…


We wanted to share the program before the opening…

When we downloaded the Program as PDF and found out it has more than 100 pages we decided to change the format to an on-line magazine  version.

It took forever – but when we finally got a message that the program was ready and went to the side we got a WARNING from Issuu – it was ready but just not available. First we though it was because we are not the rightful content owners – then we dropped that thought: The program is for free download – and we only want to promote the super movies.

Then we found out: The program had a lot of obscene content – and was considered ‘dangerous’… What do Issuu expect – its a program for a horror movie festival!

Any way – we send a message to Issuu that explained everything.

This morning the content was approved.

Enjoy the festival!


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