Moving the Web Summit to Lisbon hasn’t hurt, we’ll be twice the size we were in Dublin’

Summer holidays are now finally over. Kids are back in schools, the students back in the universities and all offices are open the people in our local restaurants are slowly changing from tourists back to locals. But the biggest change – besides more human temperatures – are all the big international art and culture events and now kicks off.

As 3rd year Lisboetas this is something we feel for the first time. What we also feel for the first time is the upcoming Web Summit that opens in less than 2 months. From having been an event you read about in the news paper’s business sections the event is slowly picking up among our friends… also our non-web-start-up friends. Not only because of the increasing prices on housing – (all are in the rentals market that week LOL – but also because Web Summit 16 will be much more than ‘just’ Web and start-up.


web summit

Yesterday the Belfast Telegraph interviewed the people behind Web Summit Lisbon 16


200px-logo-belfastCosgrave and co-founder Daire Hickey have previously spoken of wanting to create a billion-dollar company. One way of doing it is to try and broaden the appeal.

This year, for example, the Web Summit is trying to reach out beyond its tech roots by styling itself as 20 different ‘summits’, including individual “city“, “society“, “fashion” and “music” summits.

“It’s taken a while to grow as big as it’s already become,” said Cosgrave. “But it now matters an awful lot in different ways to leaders around the world. This year will be the first time that we have a lot of mayors and officials talking about civic plans like autonomous vehicles. We have the president of the UN General Assembly and the director general of the WTO.

Read yesterdays interview in Belfast Telegraph’s here.



Here are links to all the theme summits under the Web Summit 16 event

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