David Bowie in Lisbon!

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Our friend Jørgen Angel’s iconic photo of David Bowie when he visited Copenhagen in April 1976 (Thomas first Bowie Concert) will of corse decorate one of the rooms at Tings Lisbon 🙂


From 22 – 24 September Lisbon hosts the International conference David Bowie Interart|text|media.

Tickets, registration and infos on the conference website
The following 2 events are free. However, admission will be limited to the number of seats available.

22 September 21.00 @ A Trave – Absolutely Bowie
Themed evening at the bar ‘A Trave’, Rua das Gáveas, 15-17, Bairro Alto (free entry)

24 September 17.00-20.30 @ Culturgest – Heroes Just for One Evening 
The conference is brought to a close by a round-table discussion with guest speakers from different artistic fields, followed by a DJ session. The dress code (optional) is Bowie-inspired


bowie-final-programme-15-09-16-page-006David Bowie Interart | text | media Conference calls for an examination of Bowie’s oeuvre and its global legacies across the many media platforms and art spheres his creative output– from Starman to Blackstar and beyond – intersects with, including music, lyrics, video, performing arts, literature, theatre, film, television, the internet, exhibition, installation, design and fashion.

It is a pleasure to invite you to take part in this exciting event. Looking to encourage inter- and transdisciplinary dialogues, we warmly welcome theoretically-informed papers, panels, roundtables, creative narratives, artwork or performances from all disciplines, professions and vocations which address the interart, intertextual and intermedial dimensions of Bowie’s sonic and visual legacies. Presentations of visual essays are welcome, as well as suggestions for pre-organized panels and roundtables.



The Program

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culturgestAbout the Heroes Just for one Night @ Cultugest

In a celebration of the transgressive creativity and limit-free innovation which define David Bowie, the interdisciplinary conference David Bowie Interart|text|media is brought to a close by a round-table discussion with guest speakers from different artistic fields, followed by a DJ session. The dress code (optional) is Bowie-inspired.

Extending the reflection on the cultural influence of David Bowie’s oeuvre in its intermedia, intertext and interart dimensions to the general public, this initiative is included in the programme of the international conference David Bowie Interart|text|media. The conference is to take place at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, 22-24 September, and is sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia and Culturgest. The entrance if free both for the events at Culturgest and the sessions at the School of Arts and Humanities. The latter include plenary talks and academic panels stemming from diverse disciplinary fields, but which come together in a Bowie-inspired universe.

From Cultugest

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