How Lisbon is undergoing a renaissance

In case you don’t know – the Lisbon Real Estate market is booming.

Very good climate, low cost of living together with some of the most beautiful settings in Europe, growing art & culture scene and at the same time a very vibrant and booming star-up scenery are reasons why the whole world have their eyes on Lisbon.

The Sunday Times digs into the Lisbon real estate market in its Saturday 18 September issue

Tram 28 Economic Times


the-sunday-times-logo-1380803661Just when you start thinking that Lisbon couldn’t possibly be a more attractive investment spot, the tax breaks come into play. Two key schemes have been introduced in the past few years to make life easier for foreigners buying homes in Portugal, the golden visa and the non-habitual residence tax (NHR).

The former — residence in the country for an investment of at least €500,000 — has proved particularly popular with Chinese buyers, who account for 87% of all applications. The latter is luring fresh investment from closer to home — France, Germany, the Nordic countries and the UK.

Read the story in The Sunday Times

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