Tourism officials forecast double-digit growth for 2016

The tourism industry in Portugal has a huge potential. The combination of the country’s size and its diversity is unique. From Lisbon you can reach mountains, beaches, rivers etc in a couple of hours to swim, play golf, go skiing, surf, do wine tasting, go paragliding or trekking. And if you’re interested in art and culture Portugal is a cornucopia of interesting historical sites, art museums, fascinating architecture and soon  in the most stunning settings….


Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte (9) copy


the portuguese news logoTourism officials are forecasting double-digit growth for the industry in 2016. But growth potential in traditional holiday hot-spots is increasingly limited during the July and August high season and this growth is at risk of having peaked.

But the government is aiming to record continued growth by diversifying tourism.
Economy Minister Manuel Caldeira Cabral said on Monday that despite strong growth, that there was still room for further expansion, but with less focus on Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve.

Portugal still has much room to grow, but should do so with less concentration in certain areas. This is not devaluing the destinations where more tourists currently visit, but rather to compliment these destinations the Minister said.

He added that, as tourists are already visiting the more popular destinations, they were never far from less-traveled roads, and that the government would look to encourage visitors to explore new destinations.

Read the story on The Portugal News

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