Lisbon to get 150 km new cycle path before 2018

Ok… lets face it.

With a network of only around 60 km of very badly connected cycle paths Lisbon is far from being a bicycling town as Berlin, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. But Like in almost all other areas there are improvements ahead. 😉 Until then check out the routes here on Lisbon Biking Map.


Lisbon’s GALP Bridge across Circular 2 Motorway between Telheiras and Torres de Lisboa is of the 10 most beautiful of its kin according to leading design magazine Designboom  


Lisbon to gain 150 km in new cycle paths by 2018

the portuguese news logoLisbon is to have a further 150 kilometers in cycle paths that will “criss cross the whole city” and which should all be operational by 2018, according to the council official with responsibility for green spaces.

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