If you don’t know what to bring home from Lisbon Forbe’s can help

What do you bring home from a travel to Lisbon?

We never buy souvenirs – but we love buying things that reminds us about our travels – either because we can use them in our daily life, or because we can serve it for our friends.

When people ask us what to bring from Portugal we usually suggest tinned fish, high quality olive oil, crafted sea salt, wine or port wine ( if they can find some they can’t get at home).

It’s a little difficult to come up with something truly original. Until we read the story about Pelcor in Forbes. Cork is not only very Portuguese – it’s beautiful and something you can use.



Made Of Cork: Sustainable Brand Pelcor Opens Flagship Store In Lisbon

Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontThat a brand specialized in cork finds its roots in Portugal, is no coincidence. The Southern European nation is currently world’s largest producer of cork, responsible for 50% of global cork production annually.

At present, the Pelcor brand offers a line of accessories which range from handbags to wallets. Projects involving additional goods, plus a product range entirely dedicated to men, are currently in the works.

Read Declan Eytan’s story from 21 September in Forbes



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