The new MAAT building designed by the british architect Amanda Levete  (AL_A) will be opened to the public on 5 October, with a 12-hour program that will include educational events, performances and music happenings, across the extended riverside campus kept by the EDP Foundation.

Lots on information on MAAT’s website





12 pm – 12 midnight:

Semiconductor. Where Shapes Come From
Projection. Video Room (new building)

Nuno da Luz. C’mon
Installation. Riverfront

Haroon Mirza. Emerging Paradigm
Installation. Main Gallery (new building)


Pynchon-Park.jpgIn the first commission for an intervention in the iconic central space of the new MAAT building, the renowned French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster has been invited to create a site-specific work around the theme of the inaugural museum’s program: Utopia/Dystopia.

Evoking a 21st century fairy tale, the artist has created Pynchon Park, an enclosure where aliens would be able to observe human behaviour in optimal conditions. The new installation takes up the entire thousand square meters of MAAT’s Oval Gallery, allowing the visitor to become a part of the work of art in a fun and intriguing way.


1 pm

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. Pynchon Park
Exhibition opening
Oval Gallery (new building)

2 pm

The Form of Form  Lisbon Architecture Triennale 4th Edition
Exhibition opening



Life and Times: Wallpaper.  The World of Charles & Ray Eames. A must-see exhibition.

3 pm

The World of Charles and Ray Eames
Exhibition opening
Talk with Eames Demetrios and Catherine Ince
Central 1

Talk with Semiconductor
Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt with Joana Seguro
Video Room (new building)

4 pm

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster video screening
Talk with the artist and Pedro Gadanho
Project Room (new building)

Colectivo. Timber by Michael Gordon
Under the direction of Pedro Carneiro
Concert. Turbine Hall

5 pm

Digitópia by Casa da Música
Turbine Hall

6 pm

Nástio Mosquito. Respectable Thief
Performance. Project Room (new building)

Arquiteturas Film Festival
Conference Room

7 pm

Von Calhau
Concert. Turbine Hall

Nigga Fox
DJ set. Project Room (new building)


Zebra Katz
Live set. Project Room (new building)

Concert Turbine Hall

9 pm

Ryoji Ikeda. Supercodex
Live AV set: Project Room (new building)

Dead Combo
Concert. Turbine Hall

10 pm

Fatima al Qadiri
DJ set. Project Room (new building)


FAMILY PROGRAM Registrations at the ticket office (Power Station)

2:30 pm – 

Monotyping Workshop

(+ 5 years)

3 pm –

Discover MAAT Creative Workshop (4-6 years)

4 pm –

Panoramic Tour (all ages)

4:30 pm –

Architecture Tour (+ 12 years)

5 pm –

Monumental Itinerary Power Station Tour (all ages)

6 pm –

Electric Toy Cars Creative Workshop (+ 6 years)

8 pm –

Secret Itinerary Power Station Tour (+ 12 years)

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