The Telegraph suggests its readers to go to Lisbon this October half term.

telegraph_OUTLINE-smallWhile many British families head to the gorgeous beaches of the Algarve, increasingly Lisbon has been marketing itself as more than a city-break destination – particularly for those looking for a family-friendly vibe.

Like many cities on the sea, Lisbon is much more laid-back and less frenetic than most European capital cities. It is small enough to feel like you know it after a weekend and, with its rickety trams and winding back streets, it’s charming enough to have you instantly under its spell.

Whether it is the child-friendly music-filled fado tavernas, the playfulness of the re-imagined dock area, or the open spaces and gardens of the historic Belém district, there is plenty to interest adults and children.

And then there is the beach.

Read Victoria Harper’s story in The Telegraph today


Praia Caxias.jpg

Praia de Caxais in Oeiras only 16 minutes by train from down town Lisbon a few hours ago


The Telegraph just published a list of 40 best family holidays in October Half Term

Just got back from a late afternoon/early sunset swim at one of our city beaches to find Victoria Harper’s article in The Telegraph about Lisbon as a family Holiday destination in October half term in my in-box.

One of the reasons Lisbon is on The Telegraph’s list of the 40 Best family destination this half term – also from today’s paper – is of course the weather.

When we left the beach at 7:30 pm it was 23 C – five degrees lower than when we arrived there 1,5 hours earlier. At 1 pm we had 30 degrees in Graça – a much more human temperature compared to the temperatures when the tourist season peaked only 6 weeks ago. Add to that the most stunning sunsets in Europe… around 8 pm the sky changes colours completely!

In other words – the weather in October is close to perfect. It’s like a good northern European summer day in July – just more reliable. Last year our beach season stopped the first week of December 🙂

So Lisbon is definitely a destination families should consider – especially because the city has so many other possibilities that interests youngsters as well as grown ups.

If you have the possibility to leave – and still haven’t decided where to go – we suggest you follow the link above and read Victoria Harper’s reasons to go.

One important thing – there is nothing wrong with the hotels The Telegraph suggests. BUT there are just so many other possibilities in all price categories 😉





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