Why Golf is Lisbon and not Algarve

We knew that a lot our friends play golf. But that it was THAT many is a surprise.

After our previous posts about all the golfing possibilities Lisbon offers a lot of our friends are planning to com to Lisbon in 2017 – when we open in May.

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Golf in Lisbon – because Portugal is so much more than just the Algarve

express_logoWHEN you initially think of golf in Portugal, the immediate reaction is to think of the Algarve.

The country’s south coast has become one of the best known golf resorts in Europe and perhaps the world.

But there is so much more to golf in Portugal.

A holiday in the Algarve can often feel like sitting on a conveyor belt, especially if you are a golfer, being pumped through jam-packed courses and into busy hotel resorts.

Few Portuguese holiday there and it is dominated by German, Dutch and British golfers, which is not necessarily a bad thing but it can make it feel distinctly inauthentic.

A visit to Lisbon on the other hand leaves you with little choice but to join in the party with locals and tourists alike.

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