Why you need to take a surf trip to Portugal, any time of year.

We are not surfers ourselves – but we love all the surf beaches in Lisbon.

Some of the best ones are only hour from our door. One more reason to choose Portugal as your surf destination.


Praia Nazara 1t30 min by car from Lisbon.jpg

Praia da Nazare only 1t 30min by car from Lisbon. See the stunning photos and video in The Daily MailThe Daily Mail



300x300.jpgUS GrindTV is the gateway to the adventure sports and outdoor lifestyles.

As the write on their website:

  • We share the stories of fellow outdoor and action sports enthusiasts, as well as the encounters that happen along the ride.
  • We bring to life the joy, the fear, the escape, and the community in a social and mobile world.
  • We are the doers, the voyagers, and, most importantly, the storytellers.

A few days ago they published a surf in Portugal story.  With a season by season guide to the one of the best Surf destinations in the world with all the answers to why, when, where etc.

Read ‘s story on GrindTV

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