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The opening of the new Amanda Levete’s new MAAT building last week is all over the world.

We stopped sharing the coverage – all media cover more or less the same, and all are raving about its beauty 😉

Yesterday it was The Financial Times turn to review the project. Edwin Heathcote – obviously knows Lisbon and is as impressed as all his colleagues. But he has an observation we haven’t  thought off. As he says: … despite of all the cultural efforts the riverside, cut off from the town by a railway line and a road, is pretty dead…

Or was – the new building will change that

We agree!

As said many times before – The new MAAT building will change Lisbon’s tourism infrastructure.



Lisbon’s MAAT: a spectacularly modest structure

A new museum is set to transform the city’s riverside with its sculptural form


Financial Times LOGO

…. a new building that wells up like a white wave from the river, is attempting to re-engage the city with the Tagus and celebrate this wide, wonderful waterway, one of Europe’s great urban panoramas.

The building, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), has been designed by British practice AL_A (Amanda Levete Architects) and paid for by Portuguese utility giant EDP’s cultural foundation, which is proving to be a fiercely discerning patron of fine buildings. The MAAT manages something very unusual in contemporary architecture: to be simultaneously spectacular and self-effacing. It does this by seemingly submerging itself below the street and leaving its architectural expression to its sculptural roof, which in turn becomes an extension of the riverside walk.

, Financial Times 13 October 2016


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