To our Male Readers: Lisbon Trends & Shouts according to Urban Daddy.

One writer. Twelve international cities. A year’s worth of sartorial-related observation…

You probably know the situation – you’re going to a destination you haven’t been before. You get the usual Travel Guides and Travel Magazines, skim through them and put them aside after 30 minutes, when you have an idea about what to see and a list of where to eat.

What you never get that way is an idea about the feel and ambiance about the place. It’s differently with this one.

On 1 June Life Style Magazine Urban Daddy kicked off a series that takes its readers around the world to Prague, Belgrade, London, Lisbon, Rabat, Valencia, Mexico City, Bogotá, Medellin, Lima, Peru, Córdoba & Buenos Aires… A whole year’s worth of fatuous sartorial-related observation.

Now Urban Daddy’s man on the ground – Sam Eichner – has reached Lisbon. Hilarious reading with a little bit of truth – we’ve never seen so many  well trimmed hipster beards & old fashioned stylish barbershops as we have here in Lisbon. Each part of town has its own – including Graca where Barbaria Joao opened 2 months ago.

Thanks God that Copenhagen on the list… 🙂



Lisbon Beards.jpg

Lisbon must be the city with the most trendy beards. We even have the best babershop in the world where David Beckham gets his hair and beard trimmed when he is in town.


z9svb8z6xcsws2gus2qc.jpegThis man sports a trimmed beard. He is quick with a smile. He may or may not be agile on the soccer pitch, a casual poet and wholly capable of stealing your girlfriend.

The clothes he wears are less a result of careful calculation, more the thrown-together sum of good sartorial instincts and comfort.

They are hip, but not “hipster”; close-fitting, but not tight; informal, but not shabby; colorful, but not garish.

Sam Eicher’s observations for Life Style Magazine Urban Daddy is a MUST READ for all us men who wants to fit in to the local Lisbon Trends. Read it here.

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