After reading Bloomberg we are now Start Uppers in Lisbon :-)

tIf you (like we) think that Start-Uppers are kids in their mid 20’ies sitting behind their computers in spacious Start Up factories developing Apps while eating pizza slices and drinking diet coke, think twice.

After reading in Bloomberg Business about the very successful Portuguese Vision-Box  – the company behind the super smart passport scanning gate system that guides you through immigration and customs in no time in more than 70 airports around the world – I’ve just found out that Annette and I are start uppers.

Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontThe term “StartUp” has been bandied around with increasing frequency over the past few years to describe scrappy young ventures, hip San Francisco apps and huge tech companies.

But what is a startup, really?

Read the various definitions here: What is a Startup? – Forbes 16 Dec 2013

Vision-Box is a start-up company from 2001 – years before the App became a common word. Their idea is based on observations you only get from years of travelling, by people with lot of experience from the real world which the founders have.

With out any other comparison: We created Tings in 2010 based on 20 years of traveling experience. Before Tings we’ve worked with marketing, strategy & communication in International companies for more than 20 years. So we are probably the same ages as Vision-Box founders – and far from the image of a Start Upper I had before reading Bloomberg this morning.

As from today I will change my title to Star-Upper. I feels really good!

Thomas, Kathmandu 14 Oct. 2016

Founded in 2003. Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.jpg

The founders of Portuguese Vision-Box wins EY Entrepreneurs of The Year Award 2016 with a fantastic product we enjoy several times a year.

Bloomberg Business: How a Lisbon StartUp helps speed you through JFK and Heathrow

bloomberg-logoWhile researching video surveillance at a government lab in Lisbon, Miguel Leitmann and Bento Correia saw commercial potential in technologies they were developing.

The two founded Vision-Box, which helped create Portugal’s first biometric, chip-equipped passports and, later, electronic kiosks and gate systems using facial recognition that help travelers move quickly through immigration and customs.

The company’s e-gates and kiosks are being used at New York’s JFK, London’s Heathrow, and more than 70 other airports. Chief Executive Officer Leitmann discusses the company’s ambitions.

As told to Joao Lima, Bloomberg

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