Why Lisbon has the potential to become the new Tech City

These days 50,000 people arrive in Lisbon for the Web Summit 2016 – Glastonbury for geeks or, to the more serious minded Davos for geeks.

This is the first Web Summit outside its founding city Dublin that has nestled the event the previous 7 years.

We have followed the hype since the decision of moving the summit to Lisbon was announced a year ago. And like the rest of Lisbon our expectations are high. We know the advantages of living in this fantastic city. We also know all the struggles from the financial crises Lisbon still hasen’t overcome.

The Web Summit will definitely help to change that.



The view from our garden at Tings Lisbon that will open in May 2017.

Sun, surf and low rents: why Lisbon could be the next tech capital

As 50,000 people arrive for Web Summit, Portugal hopes its capital can lead a national resurgence

The Guardian LogoRidhi Kantelal, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, left Portugal to study and work abroad. But a visit to a hardware hackathon in her home town Lisbon persuaded her to leave her job as a strategy consultant in London and return home and build the startup Noxidity .

I realised how much great tech talent there is. Normally in London at a hackathon, out of 50 people, you’d get 10 developers and the rest would be business people. Here, out of those 50, only two would be from a business background and one of them would have an engineering background. Everyone else would be an engineer.

Sam Jones explanes why Lisbon could be the next tech capital in The Guardian – read it here.


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