BBC’s Rick Stein

The Brit’s favorite Cornish chef kicks off another run of European excursions for his BBC2 Long Weekends series that will take him to Copenhagen in Denmark, Cádiz in Spain, Thessaloniki in Greece and Palermo in Italy.

But his first port of call is Lisbon that kicks off the new shows tomorrow at 9 pm.


Read Rick Stein discovers that there’s more to Lisbon than chicken piri piri by Sarah Carson on Radio Times Travel 


bbc2“Lisbon’s really quite special” he says.

“It’s a higgledy-piggledy place, with lots of funny little streets winding up and down the steep hills, and so many of the buildings are covered in beautiful old antique tiles”

“It’s right on the Tagus River, in a spectacular location, and I particularly like cities that are on the ocean. Lisbon is close to the Atlantic, and has a real feeling that you’re where stuff is happening, where boats are leaving. It’s not very prosperous, and it feels like you’re really somewhere where a lot of countries cross.”


If you live in UK don’t miss the program that BBC2 will broadcast tomorrow on BBC2 at 9 pm.

Shortly after the program will be available online.

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