If you’re leaving the US because of Trump, consider Portugal

As the surfer dudes from The Inertia say: Why not turn a negative into some positive motivation?



theinertia-logo-surf.pngYou reap what you sow, and the DNC has only themselves to blame. Now, however, the bubble has officially burst and people are beginning to brace for impact.

While it is unclear how this reality show-level debacle will play out, over the course of the election there was a lot of big talk coming from Dems and celebrities about what they would do if Trump were to win. Namely, leave.

Jump ship and flee to Canada?

Flee to Mexico?

Hop on a spaceship to Jupiter?

For all you surfers out there thinking about bailing, the least you can do is move temporarily for the sake of getting educated and absolutely barreled in Lisbon, Portugal. 

 We agree in Sam Einstin’s views in The Inertia

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