TINGS MENU/work in progress – Sanjeet’s Chili.

Things get better and cheaper when you make them yourself

… and the quality gets much better when you buy the ingredients yourself at a provider you know personally.

So that’s what we do, as much as possible.

Like the chili sauce we use for a variety of dishes including our homemade and re-invented Falafel’s.

Thomas picked up the recipe from our Chef at Tings Kathmandu Sanjeet – hence the name: Sanjeet’s Chili.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The recipe is very easy.

The main ingredients are

  1. Dried chilies from your local Nepalese (or Asian) grocery. We have 2 behind Av. Almirante Reis we usually use.
  2. Cherry Tomatoes.
  3. Garlic – whole cloves, unpeeled
  4. Vegetable Oil
  5. Salt & Sugar

We start out with a handful of dried chilies + cloves from a whole Garlic.

Then we mix in burned tomatoes like shown in the slide show above. The amount depends on how hot we want the sauce.

When you have a sauce that is a spicy and hot as you can take it – remove half of it and keep on ‘weakening’ the remaining half with burned tomatoes until it becomes a ‘children friendly’ version. Then you end up having two versions in the same process. 

Cheap, very delicious and easy to make.


FALAFEL MEETING Sanjeet And Tingstrup discuss Falaffel and Chili.jpg

Another day at the office: Thomas and Sanjeet discuss our new falafels and the chili sauce we serve with them – one of the menu items in the lounge.

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