Tourism in Portugal is booming.

That the tourism is booming is old news. It has headlined the travel media around the world for at least 2 years now.

Whats new to us is that we now have numbers of the sector: 2016 will be the best year ever with growth both in demand and in the actual money going through the sector. An occupancy rate close to 70 and monthly growth of more than 9 % makes the Portuguese tourism industry one of the most promising in Europe.

To all of us investing in the business this is very encouraging. The growth is really hard to feel. Except for the 25 top tourist venues in Lisbon in September and October the tourists just blend with the locals. Or the explore all Portugal…

What we do see are all the activities related to tourism. Especially the renovation of the beautiful old buildings, roads, parks & squares. Like in Graca where the workers work non stop to get the New Graca ready for the 2017 season.


The new MAAT building is one of 2016 new Tourist sights that. 


the portuguese news logoHaving experienced growth both in demand and money ploughed into the sector the head of Portugal’s Association for Hoteliers (AHP) Raul Martins describes 2016 as the best year to date in terms of tourism.

And he expects 2017 year to be even better.

The Portugal News 17 November 2016

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