Don’t miss Wrekmeister Harmonies at Galeria Ze dos Bois on Wednesday

Art Lovers, Music Lover… or just lovers. Don’t miss this one.

20161120_170459We LOVE music – and all kinds of music. We have spend a lot of time to promote the local Urban Sound of Lisbon scene – and a few of our own Fado picks. But the music scene in Lisbon is so much more… we get a lot of very interesting new and old acts to town.

Like the Wrekmeister Harmonies at Galeria Ze Dos Bois on Wednesday…

If you don’t know them and and ask Google for help please don’t get frightened by the use of drone, serialism, post punk, heavy metal and all the other labels the journalists and critics use to describe Wrekmeister Harmonies music.

Yes – you will find NOISE.

And  what you hear will probably shake your concept of ‘music’. But if you come with an open mind and have a bit of patience we guarantee that you’ll get an extraordinary musical experience. To quote Frank Zappa – A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open.

Wrekmeister Harmonies, led by musician and composer JR Robinson, is an experimental music collective. Named after the Béla Tarr movie Werckmeister Harmonies, it combines elements of drone music, serialism, post-rock, and heavy metal.

Wikipedia’s description of Wrekmeister’s Harmonies.

Interview with JR Robinson about Wrekmeister Harmonies music, influences & why they prefer  to perform at Galleries instead of traditional music venues
Wrekmeister Harmonies performing Light Falls live earlier this month


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