Legendary Mr. A. has moved to Lisbon – just 5 minutes from Tings.

Recognize this guy?


This morning I was skipping through The Telegraphs Men’s Style section when my eyes recognized this well-known character. The legendary Mr Andre I know from the international street scene.

Bally has just launched a brand new Mr. A collection – the reason behind the story I now read carefully.

telegraph_OUTLINE-small“I wanted Mr. A to cover some leather goods and to design the perfect pair of boots”, says André Saraiva

Bally contacted André just as his trusty Bally boots that he’d had for 15 years were beginning to show their age.

“My boots were falling apart so it was just the right time to design a new pair,” he jokes.

Read: Artist Andre Saraiva on his new collaboration with Bally by 


I just saw ‘him’ – actually I see him several times every months.

I was getting more and more crazy – I couldn’t remember where I’ve seen this character.

Two hrs later I found out – and as so many times before – by a coincidence.

On our way back from a meeting behind Apolonia we took a short cut home through Boto Machado garden next to the flea market Feira da Ladra in Campo de Santa Clara.

When we reached the huge and newly renovated wall that surrounds the the garden my eyes saw these familiar faces.
Mr A Santa Clara.jpg

André Saravia aka André, Monsieur A., Mr. A or Monsieur André is the artist behind Lisbon’s newest international street art piece.

The wall is amazing. Spanning 1.080 m2 (approximately 11.625ft2) and 188 meters long (616ft), the wide wall’s colourful recalls the past and present history of Lisbon with references to his André’s favourite cities from across the globe.

True the Portuguese tradition the wall is made from tiles – each and every one of them Unique – filled with optimistic colors and the poetic designs that characterize André.

We have seen the wall many times before. But we have never taken the time to go through all the colorful details. We still haven’t – today is Tuesday and flea market day and packed with people so its wasn’t the right time to take pictures of the wall.

But next time we make appointments in that neighbourhood we will make sure to do it other days than Saturdays and Tuesdays so we have a chance to take pictures of the amazing wall without people. But then again – we’re talking about street art. And street = people. So maybe the ones we took for this post are OK.

Enjoy Lisbon,



Andre was the first artist to use a character instead of the usual “tag name” from the early 1990’s street art scene.


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