14 – 23 December: free video-mapping on Praça do Comércio. MUST SEE!

Last year we saw the video mapping on Praça do Comércio for the first time. It blew our minds.

On 14 December the video-mapping show returns to Praça do Comércio.



The show is a MUST if you are in town during Christmas. And grown ups don’t need kids go go a see this spectacular show. 


Nicholas New Palace is the theme for this holiday season.

And this year Nicholas wants to raise public awareness to the climate change in the world and how it affects him/us.

Christmas 2016 is in danger!

vousair_logo2xThis year’s Christmas may not happen because Nichola’s Palace, the North Pole, located on a hillside near a snowy mountain, was completely destroyed by an avalanche. And with the palace the workshop was destroyed too.

Nicholas must find help as soon as possible. To do this, he needs to go on a long journey through all corners of the planet in his innovative sled: An iron and sheet high speed metal machine with carved reindeer.

During the trip, Nicholas discovers the first effects of global warming. Water cascades turned into sand waterfalls and where there was fertile fields there is now a great aridity and desertification.

The planet is no longer as before – black cloak is everywhere. When Santa/Nicholas reaches his Ice Queen at the South Pole, he realizes that the avalanches are going to be increasingly frequent due to temperature rise and if the man does not change his attitude the planet will suffer increasingly and may be at risk to Christmas.

More information about Nicholas New Palace on Vousair


If you don’t now what video mapping is – we didn’t 🙂 – then this very bad video from last years show might help.




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