The Michelin Stars in Portugal 2017 is published.

Portugal gains 9 new Michelin Stars.

Yesterday Star hunters got more reasons to travel to Portugal. With the 9 new Michelin stars we have 26 stars in total shared between: Algarve 8, Lisbon (incl. Sintra and Cascais): 8, Porto: 5, Funchal 3, Alantejo 1, Amarante 1





the portuguese news logoTwo venues, the Yeatman in Gaia and Il Gallo d’Oro in Madeira were awarded their second Michelin stars, and join the Ocean in Porces, Vila Joya in Albufeira and Belcanto and Lisbon as the country’s top restaurants in the famous red guide.

Seven restaurants were also awarded their first Michelin star at the ceremony in Girona in Spain and now join nine other venues on the exclusive list, for a total of 21 Michelin starred diners in Portugal.

Source: The Portugal News


3 stars


2 stars

  1. José Avillez of Belcanto, Lisbon
  2. Ricardo Costa at The Yeatman, Porto NEW
  3. Benoit Sinthon at Il Gallo d’Oro, Funhcal NEW
  4. Hans Neuner of Ocean, Algarve
  5. Dieter Koschina of Vila Joya, Algarve.


1 Star

  1. Henrique Sá Pessoa at Alma, Lisbon
  2. Joachim Koerper at Eleven, Lisbon
  3. João Rodrigues at Feitoria, Lisbon NEW
  4. Alexandre Silva at Loco, Lisbon NEW
  5. Miguel Rocha Vieira at Forteleza do Guincho, Cascais
  6. Sergi Arola at LAB Sintra NEW
  7. Rui Paula at Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, Porto
  8. Vitor Matos at Antiquum, Porto NEW
  9. Pedro Lemos at Pedro Lemos, Porto
  10. Miguel Laffan at L’And Vineyard, Alentejo NEW
  11. André Silva at Casa da Calçada, Amarante NEW
  12. Rui Silvestre at Bon Bon, Algarve
  13. Willie Wurger at Willies, Algarve,
  14. Henrique Leis at Henrique Leis, Algarve
  15. Leonel Pereira at São Gabriel, Algarve
  16. Luís Pestana (under the signature of Joachim Koerper) at William, Funchal NEW


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