Lisbon tops the list of best Street Art cities in the world.

What a surprise it was to read the latest story about the Lisbon Street Art Scene. This time in The National Student that has listed the 8 best Street Art cities in world – a list Lisbon tops ahead of New York, Berlin, Melbourne ao.

The surprise was not so much because of Lisbon’s topping the list. The big surprise was to find the photo that followed the story: The National Studen has chosen Tree of Knowledge by João Maurício Violant. A piece we like a lot and one that brings joy to our daily life here in Graca where it is decorating a huge wall in Rua Natália Correia 3 minutes from Tings Lisbon. Its a part of the Street Art meets Litterature tour we blogged about earlier this year. A fantastic tour that gives you an introduction to Graca in only 20 minutes.




Mr. A (or Mr. Andre) is the newest street artist in our hood. He just did the 1.080 m2 tiled wall on Campo da Santa Clara



8 cities to find the best street art in the world

From Melbourne to Berlin, here’s where to travel to if street art is your thing.

eto2rcanArtists from all over the world come to the Portuguese capital to create cutting-edge street art and the volume of it is really noticeable.

It’s everywhere – covering buildings, boards that are being erected, even the trams (an iconic feature of the city) are covered in graffiti.

See the list on The National Stubent

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