On Friday Tings Management is going local. We need X-Mas inspiration

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ Christmas Dinner in Lisbon is on Friday at the Panorama Restaurant at Sheraton.

Thomas gets loads of press releases, invitations, digital flyers and junk… most of it things that are either irrelevant, expensive, boring, ‘dirty’ or just not his style.

A few weeks ago he received the menu for Chaîne des Rôtisseurs 2016 Christmas Dinner. The price is 70 € only for the menu. To us a cheap way to get an insight in the traditional Portuguese Kitchen… with at twist – our alternative would be visiting several restaurants. And based on our experience with CdR – the quality will be good…. no chef wants to get in ‘bad standing’ with his or her chef colleagues joining the dinner – that would be too embarrassing 🙂






The Chef Miguel Paulino’s menu

Amuse bouche

Seafood from our coast

Variety of seasonal seafood, rice and seaweed.

Inspiration: intense flavor of our sea.

Arcorda Silvestra

Mushrooms, black Egg yolk, goat cheese and Morocco’s spices.

Inspiration: Leiria pines.


Green tomato, sardine, potato, curry, farofa.

Inspiration: Alentejo gazpacho.

Zezinha Cod

Cod, lobster, potato sticks, egg yolk and olive.

Inspiration: Bacalhau à Braz.

Lamb Roasted

Lamb, sweetbread, potatoes and sauce stew.

Inspiration: roast beef of the Beiras.

Marmelade with cheese from Serra Da Estrela

Inspiration: Marmalade with Serra da Estrela cheese.


Pumpkin, orange, almond, carrot and sweet potato.

Inspiration: fruits of the Algarve

Coffee or tea



After seeing photos from previous years I’m scared to death… what do I wear? And worse – I DON’T HAVE A CHAIN!!!!/Thomas


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