10 best: Christmas Shopping in Lisbon.

Considering a Chrismas shopping weekend?

Besides all the local Mercado do Natal with local products & Portuguese Christmas snacks Lisbon has all the international brands and outlets you find in any other European shopping destinations.

Yesterday we had a friend in town. We used the occasion to check out USA Today’s Christmas shopping picks.

They are spot on!

So are all the squares and  park in their lights, colors and tempting fragrances from all the food stalls.

We can’t imagine a better way to spend a weekend in December 🙂




usatoday10bestChristmas shopping in Lisbon rewards the visitor with a Santa’s list of Xmas present options for all the family.

With the city glowing under a blanket of sparkling decoration, the city’s shops, stores and boutiques entice shoppers with the Yuletide spirit and some wonderful seasonal gift ideas.

Read Paul Bernhardt’s picks on USA TODAY here

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